Medina County
Criminal Defense Attorney

Without question, being accused of a crime or having charges against you, a friend, or family member is the single most frightening event a person can experience. Are you being accused of a crime, or have charges already been filed against you in Medina County?

Medina County Criminal Lawyer & DUI Lawyer

I am a criminal defense & DUI attorney who service clients in Medina County. For years, I have helped countless clients obtain successful case outcomes. We do everything we can to fight our clients' DUI, misdemeanor and felony charges so they can move forward with their lives without suffering from harsh legal repercussions. When we accept a case, our defense attorneys remain committed to obtaining exceptional results for our clients and their families. Every client is considered a top priority.

When you meet with me, you will meet with an experienced criminal attorney who has extensive training and is extremely familiar with the Ohio legal system. I apply my knowledge while defending our clients and utilize our resources to their advantage. I am dedicated, compassionate, and ready to help all those who are currently dealing with criminal charges in Medina County.


Need a criminal lawyer or defense attorney in Medina, Ohio?

I am capable of handling a variety of legal matters for clients. I have represented clients who have been charged with: DUI, sex crimes, white collar crimes, violation of probation, theft crimes, drug crimes, federal crimes, violent crimes, domestic violence, juvenile crimes, internet crimes, military crimes, assault & battery, burglary, conspiracy, hit & run, perjury, stalking, aiding & abetting, violation of restraining orders, and obstruction of justice. I also help clients with legal matters involving pre-file investigations, expungements, and warrants.